Dec 2012 web changes



Here is a summary of what we will be doing over the holiday break.  The two layouts below are in discussion with Communications and DPS.

 homepage layout 2

  1. Brought back by popular demand – the expanded search box!
  2. A revised banner box – reduced in size a bit.
  3. Keep the Your Library links for undergrads, grads, faculty, etc.
  4. Keep the Upcoming Classes Calendar
  5. Keep blog posts
  6. Update SERVICES tab to read USING THE LIBRARY
  7. FLIP FLOP Ask a Librarian and social media links in footer so that Ask a Librarian is more visible 
  8. Remove search tabs, add My Account Link and change hours display to DAILY hours (thus removing weekly view).


Workflows that will be affected:

  • Note headlines are removed.  It seems content put in the banners with images draws more attention than the headlines.  Perhaps consider increasing rotation of content in the banners to include news – related material  Also consider posting news via the blog.  Popular content recommended for beginning of the semester includes Borrowing priviledges, hours, where to print, copy, scan and where to find equipment.
  • Hours - We are proposing to change hours from weekly to daily display.  This may affect how data is entered.

Dec Web Update



Dec Update:

Dear Library Colleagues,

The Woodruff Web and Search and Discovery Teams have been busy.  Thank you to Jon Bodnar, Holly Crenshaw, Ceray Doss-Williams, John Ellinger, Pete Hornsby, Michael Mitchell, Erin Mooney, Chris Polette, Ginger Smith and Alain St. Pierre for generating new momentum and for making all of this work possible.  

Members of the team have audited all of Woodruff's web content, organized team responsibilities with a RACI matrix, evaluated a number of library websites, talked with web leaders from Stanford Library, and are making plans for updating content over the holidays.

Did you know that the Woodruff Library has over 1200 pages (nodes) of content?  The blog takes the lead with almost 400 pages.  In second place are standard web pages coming in at about 320.  The team asked web editors to review their webpages and indicate with pages should be kept, updated, or deleted.  So far approximately 100 pages are scheduled for deleting during the regularly scheduled end of semester web content update.  

After Thanksgiving the Woodruff Web and Search and Discovery Teams came together for a phone call with web leaders, Stuart Snydman and Chris Bourg, from Stanford University Libraries.  Stanford recently launched a new website in Aug 2012 that is one of many models we are reviewing (notes avaialble).  We had a fantastic conversation based on three questions.  

  • What was the driving force for the redesign?
  • What is the size and composition of your team?
  • What challenges have you faced in sustaining your web goals?

One of the most striking details we learned is that it took the team 18mo - 30 mo to plan their redesign and they included user feedback at every step.  We may not have the same luxury of time, but we feel prepared with the Voice of the Customer Report, web analytics, usability studies and user surveys to inform the initial plans for our redesign. Notes from our conversation with Stanford are available courtesy of Alain St. Pierre.


What's Next?

We plan to embark on the redesign project with the Web Design Group in January 2013.  

The Web/Search & Discovery Group will invite North Carolina State University Libraries to a conversation to hear how they manage their ongoing web development and support.  Please let a team member know if you have a question/topic that you would like to have asked/discussed.   

In preparation for our redesign project, Chris Polette is leading the analysis of user personas aggregated and published by peer libraries.  We have a tremendous amount of feedback to inform our decisions moving forward.  In addition to the user personas, we have the Voice of the Customer, the Library Survey, web analytics, usability surveys and Ask a Librarian webform submissions.  

The Upcoming Classes calendar will disappear from the homepage once the last class is completed on Dec.  Therefore you will see new content in its place. We are considering posting a year-end review of top blog posts from Emory Libraries.  Also note that following standard web practice, we will be updating web content during the holiday break.  Please let us know if you have any ideas! 

A brief summary of proposed changes include:

  • Develop Collections and Schatten/Exhibitions, Visitors content
  • Add pictures to Libraries page
  • Add pictures to Search Tools page
  • Add Research Services to Conduct Research Section
  • Quicklinks - remove unused links
  • And Your Library student/faculty links to Find Services section of Quicklinks to free up homepage real estate.
  • Move blog to About section
  • Move Subject Librarians to About section

For more detailed information or for any questions, contact Stacey Martin slmart3[@]


New Content Considerations

The Southern Christian Leadership Conference Exhibit will open in Schatten Gallery in Feb 2013.  We will add new content to the website that includes gallery, event, exhibit, programming and tour details.

We are also working with Schatten Gallery to expand their online presence to include media and other details for future, ongoing and past exhibits.


Top blog posts of the Month

Supercharge your Zotero Library Using Paper Machines: Part 1 by Sarita Alami is the top blog post for both October and November (329 and 227 unique pageviews respectively).  Sarita is a Graduate Fellow at DiSC and published her first blog post on this topic Oct 1 of this year.  She followed up with a post by a similar title, Supercharge your Zotero Library Using Paper Machines: Part II.  Each month blog authors receive an email from Google Analytics indicating who has the top post that month.  Using web analytics, we gain a little insight into our users and how they find our best content.  Google and referrals accounted for almost a third of the traffic for Sarita's post and may be what set her posts apart from the others.  Where are links to your blog post published?


This is our summary of work for the past few months.  Thank you for reading and as always, stay tuned for more on the web.




Analytics Notes


In the spirit of exploration - in line with (hopefully) the new Search and Discovery governance group, I would like to pose a few questions (as guided by Stacy Martin, Web Strategist).

In looking at the discoverE search tool"

How can we examine analytics to get to know our customers?

Where is traffic going?

how do they get there?

Is that a successful visit?

Where are the cues?

Top referring sites?

Top content?

Top search tools?

Ask a Librarian for instance-

Could start with looking at August 20th - now

recognizing the natural flows within the academic calendar helps with deciding on what time frame to look at. You can compare semester to semester (apples to apples) or sometimes one month to the previous month. Depending on what time of the year it is.

How many pageviews on discoverE (say)?

Traffic sources?

Referral traffic

go to all other sites and tally up outbound events (because referral traffic is giving a totally inaccurate picture)

and here is an article about KPI's for non e-Commerce sites.


Some of the performance indicators as discussed on the site:

visitor loyalty


length of visit

depth of visit 


Must identify goals first (maybe) before we can determine kpi's

and another article on KPI's from Occam's Razor 

*during the reporting time period how often to people visit my website?* - - -> loyalty

*how long has it been since the visitor last visited your website?* - - - > recency

*during the reporting period, what is the quality of the visitas represented by length of the a visitor session in seconds?* - - -> length of visit

  • During the period of August 20th to November 16th:
  • has been visited 252,646 times - and
  • 70.78% of visits has been for 0-10 seconds each.
  • almost 7% has been for 11-30 seconds.
  • over 19% of visitors visited 60 seconds or longer

Notes on Google Analytics


Getting Started with Google Analytics (from ">youtube webinar)


Defining your business objectives

A reflection of what your business does

What am I trying to do with my website? What is my business objective?


Five main objectives (for websites):


Business Objective                         Goal

Ecommerce                - - - >               sell products

Lead Generation        - - - >               contact info for sales prospects

Content Publisher     - - - >               show advertising to visitors

Support                      - - - >               help customers solve problems

Branding                    - - - >               drive awareness & engagement



Think about conversions – micro & macro

Value in traffic

How are we engaging visitors?


Common micro conversions:


  • Share content via social media
  • Subscribe to newsletters
  • Watch video
  • Play games
  • Use calculators/payment estimators
  • Live chat
  • Customize product
  • Add product to cart
  • View special content
  • Store locator
  • Property search
  • Survey



What are micro conversions on our site?

What are macros?


Measuring success with goals

Step 1) define your goals in terms of website actions

  1. you get 20 goals in google analytics
  2. go to admin button top right corner

Step 2) create a conversion goal in analytics

Step 3) select the type of goal

try adding a feed on the WHSCL site


Create a new view

"Displaying items of type aggregator item" as default view

Filter by aggregator "feed: title"

Contains "any word" for default view

after you have saved your default view with all the minimum settings

Add a "block" display and begin to configure your fields for the block

Add specific filter for the block with some part of the name of aggregator feed title (ie. "public health"), which you created under --->content management --->feed aggregator

Add any other block-specific settings 


Tell the block where to go by going to --->blocks 

Find the name of your block and configure it go in the correct region of whatever page you want it on

Content vs information


Research Commons & DiSC


With the hiring of a research commons director - will DiSC go up under that department? Beck Center might go up under research commons. Currently, the Beck Center navigation scheme is somewhat confusing as the url states electronic collections.

Now that the charter has been established


...and in preparation for the team meeting tomorrow:

It seems we came out of the last Cascade Web Migration meeting with a few take-aways. Specifically,Rachelle mentioned the following items, when someone asked what teams should do between now and January, which is when the project is supposed to actually take off:


We might consider these as homework:

  • Look at content (on the site) 
  • Prioritize what we absolutely want to migrate
  • Identify what new content we want to add – weight it
  • Identify 3rd party vendor sources 

Stacey and I came up with a preliminary group of team members for Woodruff Library. These team members are those who might serve as representatives from the various departments represented on the web. 

(This is just a preliminary draft of possible power users for the next steps. Could change.)


  • Sara Logue
    Kim Collins
  • Music and Media
    Fran, Collin
  • Digital Scholarship
    Stewart, Brian
  • Access Services 
    Amy Boucher
  • Copyright and Publishing
  • Technology/Learning Commons
  • discoverE
    Sean Lind or some Core services member
  • Communications
  • Collections
    Chuck/Chris Palazollo
  • Calendar
    • Woodruff - Maureen
    • DiSC - Stewart
    • Upcoming Classes - Erin 
    • MARBL - Maureen
    • Oxford - ?


So should we reach out to the people on this list to ask them to address content as listed above? Or should we, as Stacey suggested, send out a link to the webform which asks for change requests to EVERYone?

Blocked Users


Today I went through and blocked some 7-8 users who appeared in the list of users. They all seemed to have gmail accounts and user names were very shady. Some of them must have attempted to log in at some point. Not sure if what I did was even necessary but it seemed odd to have those sitting out there as "active", when they don't belong there in the first place.

Connecting physical to the digital